Christmas Party/ies 2019

Closed 12 Apr 2019

Opened 21 Feb 2019

Results expected 19 Apr 2019

Feedback expected 26 Apr 2019


Last year, the Social Club gave a subsidy to divisions to help run their own Christmas Parties instead of hosting a Department-wide Christmas Party in Canberra.

The Social Club wants to know if you want to continue subsidised Christmas Parties or go back to a Department-wide Christmas Party.

Why We Are Consulting

The Social Club wants to get as many views as possible to help make sure any decision is based on a representative-sample of staff opinion.

It's early in the year, but we wanted to ask people while last year's events are still fresh in the mind. Also, if we do hold a Department-wide Christmas Party, the best big venues get booked out surprisingly early.

What Happens Next

Based on these survey results, the Social Club and Division Heads will make a decision on whether to have subsidised Christmas Parties or a Department-wide Christmas Party in 2019. 


  • Departmental staff


  • Australian Capital Territory