Technology and Information Strategy - Feedback

Closed 10 Apr 2019

Opened 21 Mar 2019


The Technology and Information Strategy is being developed to define the directions for our investment in technology and information over the next four years. The strategy identifies 7 goals it will deliver on:

  • Lights On
  • Mobility and Collaboration
  • Fit for Purpose
  • Secure
  • Environment
  • Flexible
  • Information at the Core

The strategy will also contribute to improving all eight capabilities in the Department’s Corporate Plan 2018-19.

The strategy has been informed by the ICT Divisional Profiles completed in 2018, the IT All Staff survey carried out in September 2018 and ongoing engagement with business areas in the context of specific business area needs. We ran a number of engagement sessions in September last year on the early draft of the Technology and Information Strategy.

Engagement and consultation

We are holding information sessions from 20 March to 9 April. See the Technology and Information Strategy Hub for more details.

A consultation draft of the Technology and Information Strategy is available for review and feedback.

Feedback can be provided to or anonymously using the link below.


  • Departmental staff


  • National