National Vegetation Information System (NVIS) User Survey

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Closes 31 Dec 2019


The National Vegetation Information System (NVIS) has played an important role in national assessments and reporting on vegetation. Significant state and Commonwealth resources go into its collation and management. This survey is to assess how the NVIS is currently being used, and by whom, in order to better understand whether future investment is warranted and what form (if any) it should take.

1. What is the name of the organisation (if any) for which you are completing this survey? (Note: results will not be made publicly available)
2. How do you categorise you or your organisation’s field of interest in your use of NVIS?
3. What general purpose do you use NVIS for?
4. How often do you use the data?
5. Please identify which NVIS product/s you currently use, or have used previously.
NVIS Version 5.1
NVIS Version 4.2
NVIS Version 3.2
NVIS Version 3.0
6. Please list or describe any reports or publications you produce where NVIS is used or cited.
7. What other data do you or your organisation derive yourself from NVIS products to meet your needs?
8. How do you manage data limitations such as different scales, sources, and age of data, etc.?
9. What limitations does NVIS have in meeting your needs as provided, and could be improved?
10. What do you like about the NVIS MVG/MVS products?
11. Can you think of any other NVIS related products that would help you do your work?
12. What other sources of freely available Australian vegetation data or information do you access or use?
13. Please explain why you use another source of freely available Australian vegetation data or information (if applicable).
14. How would you compare the data with other freely available vegetation data products produced by other custodians?
15. Which is your preferred format for using vegetation data?
16. Please rate your experience of accessing the Department of the Environment and Energy's NVIS website to access or display NVIS data and information?
17. What can be done to improve the accessibility or presentation of NVIS data?
18. How compatible is NVIS data with other datasets? If not compatible please explain.
19. Do you have any additional comments that will help inform the Department of the Environment and Energy on the future of NVIS?
20. If you or your organisation would like to be added as a registered user of NVIS, and to gain access to NVIS news and updates from the Department of the Environment and Energy, please enter your email below. (NOTE: information will be strictly held by the Department of the Environment and Energy and will not be circulated).