Staff Readiness for Change (August 2017) - A People Working Group Survey

Closed 24 Aug 2017

Opened 15 Aug 2017


How do we know staff are ready and prepared for change?


The ESD People Working Group wants to find out if the details and reasons for the Division Restructure have been effectively explained to staff, and if staff feel confident that they understand what the restructure will involve.

We want Your help to understand these issues. When you fill out this survey, you help us make sure you get the information you need.

What Happens Next

Thank you for filling in the August 2017 Readiness for Change survey. The People Working Group will use the information you have provided to make sure staff have access to all the information they need to prepare for future changes.


In the meantime, the Department offers various support services to staff experiencing challenges in the workplace, or in daily life.


Employee Assistance Program and ManagerAssist

The employee assistance program is a professional, confidential counselling service available to all current employees and their families.

Managers can use the 'managerAssist' service, a confidential telephone service for managers dealing with difficult or complex people issues.

You can access both of these free services via their internet site or call 1300 360 364 to arrange a session with a counsellor. You can also download the free DTC app for your mobile phone ‘DTC Great Life’ which has many helpful resources.


Workplace Contact Officers

Workplace Contact Officers are departmental employees who are trained to provide support and information to staff about issues that may arise in the workplace.

You are encouraged to contact a Workplace Contact Officer if you need to speak to an independent person about the change process and how it is affecting you.

To find someone near you please see the Workplace Contact Officer List for John Gorton Building, 51 Allara St, or Northern Territory.


Coaching Support

Workplace coaching is available from Ross Rowe in ESD to support staff achieve goals or work through challenges experienced during this change process. Ross is a trained executive life coach with professional membership of the International Coaches Federation, Resolution Institute and World Institute for Action Learning. Coaching is confidential and provided at no cost to staff. For further information see the intranet link under contacts for Workplace coaching or contact Ross by email or phone 6275 9947.


Finally, the Department’s Change Support Intranet Page contains information on support available through a change process. Responses to some frequently asked questions on administrative matters are also available.


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  • fuel quality standards
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  • mercury
  • tyres
  • television
  • computers
  • product stewarship
  • ozone depletion
  • state of the environment report
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  • e-waste
  • waste
  • chemical management
  • NERP - National Environmental Research Program
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  • Regional Sustainability Plan
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