Public consultation on the Liquid Fuel Security Review

Closed 3 May 2019

Opened 4 Apr 2019


The Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy is conducting public consultation on the liquid fuel security review.

This is the first in-depth look at Australia's liquid fuel sector for many years and it is important that industry and the community have an opportunity to contribute to the review.

Public consultation on the Interim Report will be open for submissions for a period of four weeks until 2:00 pm AEST Friday, 3 May 2019.


Writing a submission

The following questions provide some guidance for drafting your submission.

1) Do you think the Interim Report describes the operation of Australia's liquid fuel market well? If not, are you able to provide information that will help improve the Government's understanding of the market for the final report?

2) What are the key risks to fuel security for you or your organisations and what steps have you taken to manage these risks?

3) What is the role for the Commonwealth Government in managing fuel security?

If there is additional information or evidence that can inform the final report please include in your submission, noting references to original sources.

You will need to provide a cover sheet along with your submission. This coversheet will allow you to choose whether you wish to make a confidential submission or if you consent to the Department publishing your submission after consultation is completed. 

Unless you indicate that your submission is confidential, it will be treated as a public document. It may be published in full on the Department's website, or included in a published summary report of submissions.

You can download a cover sheet here.


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