Climate risk masterclass - December delayed questionnaire

Closed 21 Dec 2018

Opened 16 Dec 2018


The climate risk masterclass aims to build the capability of Australian public servants to actively consider climate risk across their policies, programs and asset management.

The delayed climate risk masterclass questionnaire is to identify how the knowledge and skills developed have been applied by participants upon completion of the masterclass.

This questionnaire will take approximately five minutes to complete, depending on how much additional information you write. There are five questions.

All responses will be treated confidentially. Quotes from responses may be used for evaluative purposes, but will be de-identified.

Why We Are Consulting

The climate risk masterclass program is evolving with each class. Your feedback ensure future masterclasses provide participants with the information and skills they need to engage with climate risks in their business-as-usual work.  


  • Australian Government agencies


  • National