AC, heating and refrigeration workshop

Closed 30 Sep 2019

Opened 28 Aug 2019


The International Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gases (IOPSSG) Section and Energy Efficiency Taskforce hosted the ‘Air conditioning, heating and refrigeration - opportunities for collaboration on energy efficiency and emissions reductions’ workshop on the 2 August 2019.

This workshop bought together the many areas in the Department that work with the air conditioning, heating and refrigeration sectors on issues such as energy efficiency, refrigerant management, emissions reduction and demand management to share their current work programs and identify opportunities for better collaboration and coordination across the Department.

The IOPSGG Section and the Energy Efficiency Taskforce are asking for attendees to provide feedback on their experience of the workshop and suggestions for future activities. Attendee feedback will help shape future HVAC+R collaboration and coordination sessions. 

What Happens Next

Your feedback will be complied by the IOPSGG Section and drawn on to shape future HVAC+R collaboration and coordination sessions. 


  • Departmental staff


  • Clean Air
  • Climate Change Science
  • Energy Efficiency
  • General staff